English 9 Regents: Greek Masks

Bulletin Board masks

In preparation for reading The Odyssey, it’s necessary to get the whole “Who’s Who?” thing down right from the get go.  One activity that I do is to have students draw names of Greek Gods and Goddesses, Trojan War heroes, and creatures/monsters from The Iliad and The Odyssey.  Students then research the character and create a mask that introduces the character to the class.  On the due date, they put their masks on and take turns introducing “themselves.”  I also encourage them to take on the personae of the character, but that doesn’t always pan out.

While the regents kids make masks, the enriched kids make mini-posters that also introduce the characters.  I then create a bulletin board with the posters next to the corresponding masks.  This gives us a giant “Who’s Who?” point of reference for when we are reading.

Some close-ups are included below:

Athena Charybdis Helen Hephaestus Persephone

Dionysus Hades Poseidon Zeus


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One response to “English 9 Regents: Greek Masks

  1. Great activity, I love using masks in the classroom! Love the photos!

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