English 9 Enriched: Visible Thinking- the Beatles as Pyramus and Thisbe


  • A comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations (Google definitions)

Prepare for a See(Notice)/Think/Wonder Exercise:

Watch the following video clip from The Beatlemirko:

The farce is taken from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but the Beatles have also added their own dimension to it.

As you are watching:

1- list TEN (10) things you NOTICE that are a farce of the “Pyramus and Thisbe” myth that we read from Ovid’s Metamorphosis

2- THREE things you THINK about the video as it relates to the tale of “Pyramus and Thisbe”

3- THREE things you WONDER about the video as it relates to the tale.

Write a three-chunk paragraph explaining how the video clip falls under the definition of a farce.

In your groups:

Choose a scene from Romeo and Juliet (a different one for each group, please!), and create your own farce to perform for the class.



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