English 9 Regents: The Hobbit- “Riddle Me This…”

Riddle Me This…


We all know how fond Hobbits are of riddles and just how clever Bilbo is in his riddle competition with Gollum in the bowels of the Misty Mountains!  Here are some riddles created by my freshmen that might stump even the most clever Hobbit!

It can hold things

Yet it can let them slip away

It is an entrance

But it is an exit, some say

You cannot see in one

Yet sometimes see through it you may

                      (answer: a hole)

                      by Heather M.

I have feet, but I cannot walk;

I have chords but can never talk;

You can play me and never win;

I was once living but never had skin.

                          (answer: a piano)

                          by Kevin K.

I broaden your mind every night

I don’t give up without a fight

Without me, the mornings aren’t very funny

I am like your energizer bunny

                         (answer: sleep)

                         by Alex G.

What is, oh, so bright

And turns on when day becomes night?

It is also a decoration

That helps with your notations.

                          (answer: a lamp)

                          Stephanie R.

What does man love more than life,

Fear more than death or mortal strife,

What the poor have, the rich require,

Amd what contented men desire,

What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves,

All men carry it to their graves

                               (answer: nothing)

                               by Sandy R.

It has no mouth but can sing and talk;

Can take you anywhere but cannot walk;

It has no eyes, but through it you can see anything;

Not alive, but requires energy.

                                 (answer: a television)

                                 by Kevin O.

I fly through the air

Due to a blow,

My dimples are showing,

I am the color of snow.

                           (answer: a golf ball)

               by Leah K.


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