A Plug for my Friend, Charlie Bethel and his Version of The Odyssey

My students were already introduced to the work of Charlie Bethel when we were preparing to read The Odyssey.  A performer of epic tales, Charlie tours the country giving presentations of such classics as Beowulf and Gilgamesh, but he can now add Homer to his repertoire.


When we were beginning The Odyssey, Charlie graciously accepted an impromptu telephone call from me in class.  He spent nearly 30 minutes listening to my students give feedback on a Visible Thinking exercise involving a portion of his performance of Gilgamesh, and he patiently answered all their questions.  We had to do this on my speakerphone, which has a limited volume, and the room was as silent as a tomb as they strained to hear Charlie’s replies…I hadn’t seen them that quiet prior to the call nor have I since!  He had them captivated!

I hope that Webster Schroeder will consider bringing Charlie Bethel to our stage in the future so that he can share his latest production of Homer’s epic poem!

Congrats, Charlie!

Charlie Bethel The Odyssey


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One response to “A Plug for my Friend, Charlie Bethel and his Version of The Odyssey

  1. Charlie Bethel

    golly, thanks. i had not googled myself in a while and i just saw this. tell everyone i said “hug” and sneak them some cookies…

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