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English 9 Enriched: “The Lady of Shalott”

This is the same exercise we did with Keats’ “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” using “The Lady of Shalott” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

These were the painting choices:

William Maw Egley

William Maw Egley (1858)

Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes (1873)

Atkinson Grimshaw

Atkinson Grimshaw (1878)

John W Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse (1894)

John William Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse (1916)

JW Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse (1888)

William Holman Hunt

William Holman Hunt (1886-1905)

We repeated the Visible Thinking routine:

Visible Thinking Shalott

And as they were writing, I played this video/song by Loreena McKennitt:

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English 9 Enriched: “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”

The students read and analyzed John Keats’ poem, “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” and we then did a Visible Thinking exercise using artwork that was inspired by Keats’ poem.

They had their choice from the following paintings:

Walter Crane

Walter Crane (1865)

Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes (1861-63)

Frank Cadogan Cowper

Frank Cadogan Cowper (1926)

Henry Maynell Rheam

Henry Meynell Rheam (1901)

JW Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse (1893)

Robert Anning Bell

Robert Anning Bell

Sir Frank Dicksee

Sir Frank Dicksee (1902)

Once the class voted on the painting they wished to work with, we did a See/Think/Wonder exercise in which they had to focus on how the painting reflected specific imagery in Keats’ poem.  We share their responses using Post-Its and then wrote a three-chunk paragraph analyzing the painting using textual support from the poem.

Visible Thinking Belle Dame

While the students were writing, we listened to the following musical interpretation of “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” as performed by Jesse Ferguson.

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English 9 Regents: Analyzing Atmosphere in Film

I had my regents kids prepare for a Visible Thinking exercise in their journals with the heading “Creating Atmosphere in Film”.  My students then watched the following video, “Lovefield” by Mathieu Ratthe, and as they were doing so, I asked them to write down ten things they noticed in the film that created a specific atmosphere (they had to use “tone” words with the descriptions).

After the film, they shared what they noticed with a partner in the room.  They then had to return to their seats and write three things they thought about the film and three things they wondered.   We then shared ideas using the routine I’d set up during the year: a different colored Post-It note for See/Think/Wonder.

Lovefield STW

Their writing task was to explain in a three-chunk paragraph how director Mathieu Ratthe effectively created a misleading atmosphere which led to situational irony at the end of the piece.

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