About This Site

This newest blog, Binders Full of Evidence, is dedicated to all teachers as we share in the demands of meeting the Common Core State Standards.   I will be sharing my own evidence binder online as a way to reach out to my fellow teachers, and I am very much looking forward to gleaning new ideas from them!

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Susan Woodward

Webster Schroeder High School

Webster, NY


4 responses to “About This Site

  1. Kathleen Sommer-Elliott

    Have you taught these texts to AIS or ESL students? I can’t imagine teaching some of these texts to students who enter 9th grade with a 5th grade reading level or only two years speaking English, yet it seems I will may be required to.

    • I have actually had to work with most of these texts with ESL students. I offer extra support through their ESL teacher (I give her all copies of the text, worksheets, study guides, and tests), and she reinforces what we do in the classroom. The most difficult text has been the Shakespeare piece, but it seems that all students struggle with that.

  2. Michaela


    I just completed my 2nd year of teaching English and work at a small school with a department of 4. The other 3 teachers are brand new and fresh out of college. We are all desperately trying to create new common core curriculum maps and develop our skills together. I have been following your blog for a while and recently shared it with my coworkers. Thanks for documenting your strategies. You have given us lots of great ideas to implement for next year!

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